Components of the English Language Arts Curriculum

English Curriculum Tutoring


Types of Writing Taught:

To be prepared for post-secondary education and employment, the University of California (UCs) and California State Universities (CSUs) strongly recommend that students be proficient in the following types of writing:

  • narrative essay
  • explanatory and informational essay
  • opinion essays (literary analysis and persuasive with counterclaims)

Types of Reading Texts Taught:

  • Primarily classical fiction and some non-fiction connecting to history and current events
  • Poetry

Speaking and Listening:

  • The Socratic seminar
  • Academic discussion skills
  • Speeches

Additional Elements and Skills Taught:

  • Advanced grammar for native and non-native speakers woven throughout the curriculum
  • Vocabulary, prefixes, roots, and suffixes
  • SAT preparation
  • Outside reading novels commonly referred to as Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) or Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)