Homeschooling for Individuals (Mrs. Ramirez provides the curriculum.) $55 per hour
Homeschooling for Groups of Five or More of One Level (Mrs. Ramirez provides the curriculum.) (negotiable)
Homeschooling for Groups of Ten or More of One Level (Mrs. Ramirez provides the curriculum.) (negotiable)
Individual Private Tutoring (Student has curriculum for which he or she needs tutoring.) $55 per hour

A $10 traveling fee may apply for locations more than 15 miles outside of the 94577 zip code.

Fees for services must be paid in advance.


Why Are Mrs. Ramirez’s Services An Excellent Educational Value?

Mrs. Ramirez’s fees include instructional time and:

  • a free consultation to discuss student’s needs and goals for success
  • all preparation work to design and write curriculum uniquely tailored for student(s)
  • printing for all curriculum (does not include novels and supplies such as binder and binder paper)
  • personalized grading with comments on essays
  • additional help with lessons Monday through Friday via phone calls and emails



Instructional hours currently available: Monday through Friday.

Note:  For optimal academic achievement, Mrs. Ramirez recommends meeting at least twice per week.