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DeeAnna is a miracle worker! My son has hated the act of writing since he was little – it was like pulling teeth. I knew I was going to need a seasoned educator when we hit 8th grade and I am thankful I found Mrs. Ramirez. Within weeks of starting the class, my son (who hated writing) was composing paragraphs that were turned into a book! He learned how to apply his knowledge of grammar and flourished in the creative process – this is all due to his wonderful teacher. DeeAnna is kind, engaging, and creative. On top of that, she sincerely cares about her students. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her classes.

Kim R.
Parent of Eighth Grader

We are so looking forward to continuing with Mrs Ramirez’s class for spring semester, 2018. During fall semester, my Autumn’s frustrations with writing have dissipated and her skills in writing have absolutely flourished. I so cherish the narratives and essay she’s completed and she is so pleasantly surprised herself, by what she’s capable of as a writer. Thank you, Dee-Anna!

Natalie M.
Parent of Second Grader

Mrs. Ramirez taught our son, Nitish, a 7th grader over the last year since last summer to improve his English reading and writing skills in a small class of 3-4 kids in our home. Mrs. Ramirez’s teaching style is very involving, and she maintains continuous interaction and fun in her teaching methods. She is meticulous in planning the curriculum and very thorough in following-up via regular email updates. Last summer, Nitish created a narrative, and he has significantly improved in his reading comprehension and writing skills.

Parent of a Seventh Grade Student

I had my grandchildren work with Mrs. Ramirez for the past 2 years. She is a great English teacher and has been helpful. Last summer, as a project, she led the kids to write a narrative book with beautiful illustrations that enhanced the skill of the narrative writing. It consists of how to craft a plot, character development with purposeful dialogues, conflict, and resolution. On top of that, she also taught a novel where they learned more about literary analysis. In short, Mrs. Ramirez is an experienced and devoted teacher.

Jane M.
Grandmother of a Fifth and Sixth Grader

Thank you very much for your dedication, patience, and effort in teaching Rohan. We feel so blessed to have a teacher like you. I’m so glad we found you because you’re truly amazing!

Santhi B.
Parent of Special Needs High School Student

With Mrs. Ramirez’s instruction, I noted immense improvement and confidence in my children’s ability to write. I appreciate Dee-Anna’s heart for working with children and how she believes in what they can accomplish. The material she taught and workload expected were manageable and challenging in a good way for my children. It was a fun environment for my children to learn in a class setting with other students.

Katrina B.
Parent of Second and Fourth Graders

With Mrs. Ramirez’s instruction, I noted My family has been richly blessed by Mrs. Ramirez’s English class. Mrs. Ramirez has worked with my sixth grade daughter every week for about 8 months and her proficiency in English writing composition is amazing. We are looking forward to our next school year! I love having them praying before class and learning to analyze complex subjects and ideas always having God being the center of their conversations. My little girl has learned how to interpret and read books that are from a secular world but has not confused her mind and spirit thanks to the guidance and guide of Mrs. Ramirez. I sure thank her and appreciate her diligence in her work, schedule and format of teaching. She is also tutoring my son who is in high school and getting him ready for his SAT examination and writing section. May God bless her and keep her safe always.

Maria J.
Parent of a Sixth Grade Student

Mrs. Ramirez has a fun personality. She makes it easier to understand difficult material.

Frank C.,
High School English Learner

Thanks for all your help this year. I never thought that I was a strong writer, but your words of encouragement made me not want to give up and keep trying to improve. Thanks, again.

Sherry Z.,
American Literature Student

Mrs. Ramirez was so kind, and she greatly helped me to improve my writing and reading skills. I learn faster with her.

William C.,
High School English Learner

In Mrs. Ramirez’s class, I started to develop a liking for writing. It used to feel like a chore, but now it’s fun.

Elyannah J.,
Sixth Grade Student

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